Our services

Our experience, professionalism and commitment, are aimed at both truck drivers and import-export operators.  The truck drivers needing to travel overseas, from the islands or to the islands, can contact us at the port of embarkation.


Vehicles' reservation

This can be done by telephone or email, filling out the form in all its parts, and sending it. It will arrive at the port of departure, where we will provide for the completion of the necessary paperwork. You will be contacted as soon as possible, and you will be notified confirmation and reservation number. In the absence of our contact, the reservation cannot be considered valid.

Issuing of the Maritime Transport Agreement

We provide for the issuing of the necessary documentation for the shipment of the vehicle (with the shipping company of your choice, and for the route indicated in the booking form or agreed upon), with a valid reservation for boarding on behalf of our client company.

Boarding support

During loading operations, we provide assistance to the vehicle and any person accompanying, in order to ensure the successful completion of boarding procedures.